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New programming languages running on top of a JVM, development of applications for a cloud, new approaches to open source collaborative development, still relevant service oriented architectures, proper use of Java EE APIs!

Excellent international lecturers, among them a java superstar, greatly responsible for two Java EE APIs, used as a central core of virtually every Java EE application today (guess who)!

Excellent food and drinks. Great crowd of beer drinking peer software developers you can see eye to eye with! 

All that, and more - for a fifth year in a row at traditional location Ljub …

Ehm, pardon me. They tell me it's somewhere else this time ...

This time at a new beautiful location with lots of style and plenty of parking for a change - Jable Castle near Trzin (5 minutes north of Ljubljana). We'll prepare detailed instructions how to get there, so nobody can get lost. Let me just say that we went check it out and it's a really fabulous location.


14 th and 15 th October 2013 - Jable Castle.


We still have a slot for local lecturers. Send your session proposals to .


Looking forward to see you all there!

- OpenBlend Team 




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