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Red Hat is the world's leading open source provider. Bringing the choice, collaboration, cost savings and value of open source to enterprises worldwide. Solutions include our Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platforms, JBoss Enterprise Middleware and other Red Hat enterprise technologies.










Parsek consists of experts who understand the technological, marketing and business challenges of the web. Many years of experience working on challenging projects for major domestic and foreign customers have accumulated in a wide field of knowledge and experience. The company developed a robust approach to designing, and implementing communications, and systems solutions using established technologies, many years of experience and support from its partners. Parsek is known for its technological prowess and recognisable style.

Parsek is composed of two independent groups of experts. Parsek Interactive covers the areas of interactive marketing and user experience. It designs, develops, formulates and integrates communication strategies, web services, and interactive solutions. Parsek Interactive through creative usage of advanced technologies and approches helps its partners achieve their communications and marketings goals faster in both virtual and real world. Parsek System department on the other hand specializes in the development of integrated IT solutions based on Java tm . The companies use these solutions to quickly and efficiently port their business processes and services to new media securing a competitive advantage for themselves.






SIOUG conference in the key annual event dedicated to Oracle users and to all that are anyhow connected with solutions developed using Oracle software. There are three specific topics, among others, we would like to point out: Java application development, business intelligence and information security. Business process management is another topic that is also the key topic for the Leader's Circle, that is aiming at IT direcotors and managers. We have also prepared 4 workshops for participants, among which we prepared one in the cooperation with Openblend.

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