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OpenBlend is a new international technical conference in the Java™ world. If you are an IT expert, CTO / CIO, a solutions architect or, work with web technologies you should consider attending. If you work with Java-enabled technologies every day, need to integrate them with your system or are just curious about new trends and developments in server-side java, this conference is a must. The OpenBlend conference is trying to fill in the gap in the Adriatic and Balkans. To say the least, OpenBlend is this region's best professional and networking event on this topic, without the big price tag.

We will give you insight into the latest buzz around big-scale java world. We will present different aspects of numerous technologies that make our lives easier. You will hear from international speakers and java-fame celebrities specializing in different areas. We will cover useful techniques, some well-known libraries and take a closer look at some of the new tools available.

Registration can be by e-mail When registering, please let us know your name, company and tax number.

Therefore, we welcome you to join us at this event, filled with lots of expert lectures and just enough free time for open debates, and networking opportunities.

This conference is an ideal opportunity to get to know new JAVA technology and trends. It also allows for sharing of ideas and experience. It is a place that can help find the solutions to the technical problems that have plagued you, as all participants have a deep and different knowledge of their experiences in JAVA. It is a place for gathering new and promising business ideas.


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