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SIOUG conference in the key annual event dedicated to Oracle users and to all that are anyhow connected with solutions developed using Oracle software. There are three specific topics, among others, we would like to point out: Java application development, business intelligence and information security. Business process management is another topic that is also the key topic for the Leader's Circle, that is aiming at IT direcotors and managers. We have also prepared 4 workshops for participants, among which we prepared one in the cooperation with Openblend.




Parsek Ltd.


Parsek consists of experts who understand the technological, marketing and business challenges of the web. Many years of experience working on challenging projects for major domestic and foreign customers have accumulated in a wide field of knowledge and experience. The company developed a robust approach to designing, and implementing communications, and systems solutions using established technologies, many years of experience and support from its partners. Parsek is known for its technological prowess and recognisable style.

Parsek is composed of two independent groups of experts. Parsek Interactive covers the areas of interactive marketing and user experience. It designs, develops, formulates and integrates communication strategies, web services, and interactive solutions. Parsek Interactive through creative usage of advanced technologies and approches helps its partners achieve their communications and marketings goals faster in both virtual and real world. Parsek System department on the other hand specializes in the development of integrated IT solutions based on Javatm. The companies use these solutions to quickly and efficiently port their business processes and services to new media securing a competitive advantage for themselves.




Red Hat is the world's leading open source provider. Bringing the choice, collaboration, cost savings and value of open source to enterprises worldwide. Solutions include our Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platforms, JBoss Enterprise Middleware and other Red Hat enterprise technologies.




Xlab is an R&D company with a strong research background in the fields of distributed systems, GRID computing and peer-to-peer networks. The results of the R&D activities are reflected in the advanced online collaboration software, and sophisticated medical imaging solutions. The company's product line named ISL Online is placed at the very top of the online collaboration solutions. The ISL Online products enjoy a reputation of being extremely easy to use, technologically superior, secure, and above all, affordable, have built up an international presence and are now being used in thousands of companies worldwide. Besides, with a 3D imaging application, a 3D Virtual Colonoscopy software, and a complete solution for imaging in nuclear medicine, Xlab is also strongly present in the medical imaging market.




Softergee je podjetje, katerega dejavnosti povezujejo odprto kodne rešitve. Svojim strankam prihajajo nasproti s svetovanji, implementacijami, distribucijo in izobraževanji, za tehnologije podjetij Red Hat, JBoss, EnterpriseDB, Zimbra, idr. in so glavni distributerji naročnin in uradnih izobraževanj na omenjenih področjih za Slovenijo, Hrvaško, Bosno in Hercegovino, Srbijo in Črno Goro.

Za vsa omenjena področja izvajajo izobraževanja po uradno predpisanih programihz največjim številom lokalnih, visoko certificiranih strokovnjakov z dolgoletnimi izkušnjami tudi z najzahtevnejših področij. Izobraževanja izvajajo v lastnem izobraževalnem in izpitnem centru.

S svojimi znanji so pomagali številnim podjetjem s področij javne uprave, gospodarstva, telekomunikacij in zdravstva. S širokim naborom znanj iščejo izzive na obsežnih in zahtevnih projektih, kjer jim je glavno vodilo po meri strank ukrojena rešitev. Znanje in izkušnje s strankami delijo tudi po zaključku projektov, saj vedno poskrbijo tudi za ustrezno podporo implementiranih rešitev.




Podjetje Marand Inženiring d.o.o. je eno vodilnih slovenskih podjetij na področju informacijsko-komunikacijskih tehnologij in informacijske podpore poslovnih procesov. Naša osnovna prednost je stalno izpopolnjevano lastno znanje in izkušnje, ki nam omogočajo, da lahko naročnikom ponudimo tako izdelke vodilnih svetovnih ponudnikov informacijskih tehnologij kot tudi lastne rešitve.

Naročnikom zagotavljamo celovito podporo vsem informacijskim funkcijam in procesom, od osebnih računalnikov, do največjih strežniških sistemov, od svetovanja pri izbiri opreme do sistemske integracije in razvoja prilagojenih programskih rešitev, od izobraževanja uporabnikov do celovite ponudbe vzdrževanja vseh vrst informacijskih sistemov in opreme.




Httpool is one of the leading Central and Eastern European full service online advertising providers, with international reach and focus on emerging markets. Httpool is an optimal partner for international clients addressing emerging markets, local advertisers seeking a one-stop solution, large publishers struggling to monetize their international traffic, and local publishers trying to increase their revenue potential through diversified advertising and international budgets.




Zemanta is a revolutionary new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user. Any user-created text (a blog post, article or web page) is directly “read” by Zemanta, which recognizes all contextual content. Zemanta then combs the web for the most relevant images, smart links, keywords and text, instantly serving these results to the user to enrich and inform their content. What’s more, Zemanta can be deployed on all major content publishing platforms and web browsers through a simple plug-in.


Telekom Slovenije


Telekom Slovenije is the leading Slovenian provider of electronic communications. It providers high-end mobile, fixed and IP communications, multimedia content, and services to residential and business users. Telekom Slovenije's Mobitel and SiOL brands are synonymous with high-quality, fast and reliable mobile and broadband, user-friendly services. For additional information please visit



Computer News Magazine (Računalniške novice) is one of the best established medias in the field of information technologies. It offers high-quality content at a low price! Its primary task is to publish news and trends on information technology. Sincer we want to have the most up-to-date news in the magazine, it is published twice monthly, every second and fourth thursday of the month. Annual that comes to twenty editions.

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