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Computer News Magazine (Računalniške novice) is one of the best established medias in the field of information technologies. It offers high-quality content at a low price! Its primary task is to publish news and trends on information technology. Sincer we want to have the most up-to-date news in the magazine, it is published twice monthly, every second and fourth thursday of the month. Annual that comes to twenty editions.



Xlab is an R&D company with a strong research background in the fields of distributed systems, GRID computing and peer-to-peer networks. The results of the R&D activities are reflected in the advanced online collaboration software, and sophisticated medical imaging solutions. The company's product line named ISL Online is placed at the very top of the online collaboration solutions. The ISL Online products enjoy a reputation of being extremely easy to use, technologically superior, secure, and above all, affordable, have built up an international presence and are now being used in thousands of companies worldwide. Besides, with a 3D imaging application, a 3D Virtual Colonoscopy software, and a complete solution for imaging in nuclear medicine, Xlab is also strongly present in the medical imaging market.




We are an international provider of IT solutions and R&D services. We offer leading edge expertise in the areas of data storage management,embedded systems, network systems management, gaming,telecommunications, e-solutions, and customized application development.

Our advantage is commitment to quality. Our success is built upon the factthat we care about our clients and partners. We care about our services and solutions. And we care about people.



Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems, with more than 370,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. Oracle's product strategy provides flexibility and choice to our customers across their IT infrastructure. Now, with Sun server, storage, operating-system, and virtualization technology, Oracle is the only vendor able to offer a complete technology stack in which every layer is integrated to work together as a single system. In addition, Oracle's open architecture and multiple operating-system options gives our customers unmatched benefits from industry-leading products, including excellent system availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.



FMC is a company that gives you a single entry point to a full range of IKT services. FMC deals with sales, development, integration, support and maintenance of IT equipment. They offer comprehensive solutions from project construction to its final implementation. They also offer a rich supply of software and application solutions that complement service virtualization, archiving and consolidation, total system maintenance programs, IT outsourcing, and finally also data protection. FMC offers its own data center ( and offers the possibility of hosting a safe alternative location that provides secure storage and archiving.

FMC allows you to deal solely with your business, and leave the concern for the smooth and reliable operation of your information systems to them.

About Mobitel


Mobitel is a leading Slovenian mobile telecommunications operator offering cutting edge services. It cooperates with established industry’s technology, product and service suppliers, while also developing its own innovative mobile solutions in accordance with the needs of the Slovenian market and users’ fashion, keeping development in Slovenian mobile telecommunications market comparable to the most advanced countries worldwide. Building long term relationships with customers, business partners and environment, results in Mobitel enjoying high reputation in Slovenia and abroad.

Mobitel today acts in the spirit of tomorrow; it is not only following but also creating worldwide trends, already implementing services of the future that enable convergence of speech, data processing and transporting, internet, video, television, advertising, local services and social networks.

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THE SLOVENIA TIMES - The leading Slovenian monthly in English


The Slovenia Times is the new look of the established bi-weekly, published as the most respected newspaper in the English language since 2003.

The new image boasts higher quality print, a fresh design and even more attractive content provided by renowned authors. The Slovenia Times offers a critical, in-depth and vivid analysis of the social and economic state of Slovenia. The second part of the newspaper focuses on tourism, culture, sports, recreation and other lifestyle-related entertainment topics.

Apart from regular subscribers, the newspaper also reaches foreign and local businessmen on flights to and from Slovenia, and is available in the VIP area at Ljubljana Airport, at high-end hotels in the country, at international conferences as well as larger business events. The publication is also distributed at various events of Slovenian businesses and diplomacy abroad and so, in its own way, contributes to the promotion of Slovenian culture, sport, business and tourism in global markets. The publication comes out once a month with a circulation of 10,000 copies.



Kiberpipa is a modern open experimental platform for exploring new uses of digital production technologies and their implementations in the field of culture, information technology, media and politics. Socially liberal laboratory is operating on the idea of open standards and free software, which builds upon their efforts, promotes and provides further screens into the public domain. At the same time Kiper holds lectures, discussions, screenings, workshops and artistic activities that attract critical reflection and self achievement within their young audience and a wider circle of interested public. Through a wide network of domestic and international connections, Kiperpipa holds the stage for performers from around the world scene and integrates a large number of institutions, artists, scientists and academics, media activists, theorists and development companies to help expand knowledge, develop creative and critical analysis of new media and culture technologies. These new inventions and opportuinities allows for them to develop their potential within the still unexplored fields. In Kiberpipa is convinced that the smooth transfer of knowledge is essential to the progress of society and individuals within it. Kiberpipa is largely maintained on a voluntary basis.




Association for Information Technology and Telecommunications, as part of its activities aim to:
• Represent the interests of members of legislative and government bodies, social partners and local and international organizations
• Promote activities and members at home and abroad
• Give technical assistance to members in the form of information, advice and training
• Create business opportunities and contacts with companies and public administration
• Support international business and networking of its members
• Prepare information for members and promote the information society in Slovenia.



Web portal is a community of Slovenian users of devices with increasingly widespread Android operating system as well as those involved in developing applications for devices with Android. In addition to inform people about novelties in the field of software and hardware associated with Android, the basic goal of portal is building an online community of users that are using web forum for everyday exchanges of views and advices on current topics from the world of Android. Regarding to this, the portal facilitate the first steps to all newcomers in the world of Android to get used to this operating system. Moreover, the aim is to provide support to all other users and Slovenian Android developers, which can use this portal to obtain much needed assistance and promotion. is publisher of literature, covering automation systems, electronics and related technical fields. At present, it publishes two printed magazines - „Avtomatika“ (Automation ) „Elektronika“ ( Electronics ) and acompanying SLOTEHNIKA.DVD. Existing ones will soon be followed by new, universal, technical internet portals.


LEOSS d.o.o.

LEOSS d.o.o. has been a major provider of auto-identification and data collection equipment in Slovenia since 1990. Divided into departments such as Labeling, Identification, Mobile Computing and Accessories as well as Solutions and its own Repair Centre, LEOSS provides a full range of products and services based upon barcode and RFID technology. All this was acknowledged by several suppliers:

  • Zebra awarded the Zebra PremierPartner™ status in 2006 and this status remains to the present day
  • Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (previously known as Metrologic and HHP) awarded LEOSS the status of their only Scanning Distributor in Slovenia
  • Motorola Enterprise Mobility acknowledged LEOSS as their Authorized Reseller Partner since 2008
  • The global leader in label design software NiceLabel gave LEOSS the Platinum Partner status
  • Denso who is a member of Toyota also partners with LEOSS d.o.o.
  • And many othere suppliers have found their way onto the AIDC market in Slovenia through us.



Parsek Ltd.

Parsek consists of experts who understand the technological, marketing and business challenges of the web. Many years of experience working on challenging projects for major domestic and foreign customers have accumulated in a wide field of knowledge and experience. The company developed a robust approach to designing, and implementing communications, and systems solutions using established technologies, many years of experience and support from its partners. Parsek is known for its technological prowess and recognisable style.

Parsek is composed of two independent groups of experts. Parsek Interactive covers the areas of interactive marketing and user experience. It designs, develops, formulates and integrates communication strategies, web services, and interactive solutions. Parsek Interactive through creative usage of advanced technologies and approches helps its partners achieve their communications and marketings goals faster in both virtual and real world. Parsek System department on the other hand specializes in the development of integrated IT solutions based on Javatm. The companies use these solutions to quickly and efficiently port their business processes and services to new media securing a competitive advantage for themselves.



Red Hat is the world's leading open source provider. Bringing the choice, collaboration, cost savings and value of open source to enterprises worldwide. Solutions include our Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platforms, JBoss Enterprise Middleware and other Red Hat enterprise technologies.




It's an international company that distributes products and services to Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. Their territory stretches into 12 time zones, 30 countries, with 32 languages and dialects.

The company offers enterprise level software and solutions from Red Hat, JBoss, SEP, Zimbra, Zenoss, EnterpriseDB, OpenReferent and Alfresco with tailor made training, support, localization and consultancy services.

In Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, VDEL is the Master Distributor of Red Hat, Zimbra, EnterpriseDB and SEP products and services. VDEL is also a Red Hat Certified Training Partner and Red Hat Premier Support Partner.





As the first private mobile operator in Slovenia, Si.mobil presented its services to the users in March 1999. Among the customers, Si.mobil is recognized as an operator that offers quality services worth their price. In addition to the basic services, Si.mobil also offers advanced services, products and solutions, such as the mobile office with the BlackBerry(R) from Vodafone service and mobile internet services.

Si.mobil is a part of international telecommunication group - Telekom Austria Group. Strategic partnership with the world`s leading mobile operator Vodafone enables Si.mobil's customers to experience global products and services.


Pivovarna Union


Pivovarna Union d.d. is today one of the largest joint-stock enterprises in Slovenia. State-of-the-art technology and equipment, together with premium-quality ingredients and longstanding expertise, allow the company to accomplish its primary objective: to offer the consumer nothing but the very best!

Union’s main product has always been - and indeed still remains - its beer (Union lager, Union Premium, Union Pils, Union dark beer, Union Radler shandy, Union Smile, as well as the Union non-alcoholic beer). In addition to beer, the company also produces Sola, a range of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, near watter ZA (Za life, Za lemon, Za harmony, Za symfony), as well as Zala spring water and energy drink Dragon. Plans for the future encompass fully meeting market trends and requisites, further improvement of the existing product ranges, as well as the development and introduction of the new ones.

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