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p1Sacha Labourey (CloudBees)

Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, graduated in 1999 from École Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne. It is during his studies, in 1996, that Sacha started his first consulting business - Cogito Informatique. In 2001, he joined Marc Fleury's JBoss project as a core contributor and implemented JBoss' original clustering features. In 2003, Sacha Labourey founded JBoss' European headquarters and, as General Manager for Europe, led the strategy and partnerships that helped fuel the company's growth in that region.

While in this position, he led the recruitment of some of JBoss key talents and acquisition of key technology. In 2005, he was appointed CTO of JBoss, Inc. and as such, oversaw all of JBoss engineering. In June 2006, JBoss, Inc. was acquired by Red Hat (NYSE:RHT). After the acquisition, Sacha remained JBoss CTO and played a crucial role in integrating and productizing JBoss software with Red Hat offerings.

In 2007, Sacha became co-General Manager of Red Hat's middleware division. He left Red Hat in April 2009. After a break during which he invested in 3 startups, Sacha became convinced that public cloud infrastructure would lead an fundamental IT paradigm shift and that middleware would play a key role in that shift. That's how Cloud Bees, Inc. was born in April 2010.


p2Gregor Berginc (XLab)

Gregor Berginc is the managing director at Tretja dimenzija Ltd., the product manager and lead developer for Gaea+ virtual globe platform at XLAB Ltd. He is an expert in computer and cognitive vision, and three dimensional visualisation. In the past he has worked on JavaCard technology and secure archive.




p3Carlo de Wolf (JBoss by RedHat)

Carlo de Wolf began his career in 1994 with programming C application for various customers. After starting working on Java desktop applications in 1997 he start on a quest to search for reusable scalable enterprise components. With the introduction of EJB 0.8 he developed an application server for a large bank in the Netherlands. At his point he was hooked onto the possibilites of EJB. He has been with Red Hat for over four years working on EAP EJB 3 services and EAP performance analysis.



p4Martin Pregl (Microsoft)

Martin Pregl was a web developer for four years, focusing on different web technologies. After finishing Faculty for Computer and Information Science he joined Microsoft Slovenia as Partner Technology Advisor. Currently he is working as Technology Expert for Independent Software Vendors. He is focusing mostly on supporting software companies with new technologies, platforms and tools.




p5Sanjeeb Sahoo (Sun / Oracle)

Sahoo is an engineer at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), where he is currently responsible for modularization of GlassFish Application Server using OSGi as well as exposing OSGi as a first-class feature to Java EE applications. Prior experiences include working in C++ language binding for an ODBMS, developing enterprise applications using CORBA & messaging middleware, and developing a static analyser tool for Java EE applications. Sahoo frequently blogs at



p6Dimitris Andreadis (JBoss by RedHat)

Dimitris is the Manager of the JBoss Application Server group in the JBoss Division of Red Hat. He has been a JBoss addict and contributor from the early JBoss days and joined JBoss in 2004. He became the Lead of the JBoss AS project for three years since 2006. Previously he spent seven years at Intracom and Motorola in the areas of NMS/OSS, designing reusable frameworks and distributed systems. Dimitris studied computer science at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and received an M.Sc. by research from University College Dublin, Ireland.



p7Jeff Brown (SpringSource / VMWare)

Core member of the Grails development team, Jeff Brown, is a Senior Software Engineer with SpringSource. Jeff has been involved in designing and building object oriented systems for over 15 years. Jeff's areas of expertise include web development with Groovy & Grails, Java and agile development.




p8Martin Sonc (3FS)

Martin Sonc started his path as a programmer with PHP, slowly moving towards C# and C++. His programming knowledge was first put to the test at Hermes SoftLab and later at 3fs, where he started working on Android platform (version 1.1 at the time) and never stopped. One of his most high-profile projects is certainly Toshl, which has received positive reviews both at home and abroad.

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