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Dear participant!

JavaBlend is a new technical international conference in the Java™ world. If you are an IT expert, CTO / CIO, a solutions architect or, work with web technologies you should consider attending. If you work with Java-enabled technologies every day, need to integrate them with your system or are just curious about new trends and developments in server-side java, this conference is a must. The JavaBlend 2009 conference is trying to fill in the gap in the Adriatic and Balkans.

We will give you insight into the latest buzz around big-scale java world. We will present different aspects of numerous technologies that make our lives easier. You will hear from international speakers and java-fame celebrities specializing in different areas. We will cover useful techniques, some well-known libraries and take a closer look at some of the new tools available.

Will Ruby on Rails give enterprise-grade Java a run for its money? Can WebBeans adequately replace it or even provide a stronger foundation to build upon? How come there’s no easy way to implement rules in .NET? Can we use Drools? Find all your answers at JavaBlend 2009!

Conference organizers

Gašper Čehovin, CEO, Parsek, Ltd

David Celestina, CEO, Housing, Ltd

A mandatory reception with different blends of coffee will follow the conference to allow you to mingle and network with people from your area of interest. We want to give people from complimentary disciplines a chance to meet, and furthermore light up the discussion, promote and expand local business and awareness. The conference and the reception will be held at the idyllic Castle of Ljubljana.

Key themes

OpenJDK / WebBeans / EJB3 / ORM / JMX / J2ME / J2EE / high-performance / servlet containers / HA / JSF / RIA

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