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Pete Muir

RedHat Inc.
Pete is the project lead on jBoss Seam, the Web Beans RI and a big contributor to RichFaces framework. He's been employed by RedHat for a year now. Before that he used to do a lot of application development using Seam framework. Pete is a regular speaker at different Java and jBoss conferences, including Javoxx and jBoss World. He also represents JBoss on the JSF 2.0 Expert Group. He's a regular writer for multiple on-line publications including his blog his blog and jBoss Zone at DZone.

Mladen Turk

RedHat Inc.
Mladen lives in the neighbouring Croatia and works on jBoss Web - the web server of the jBoss application server suite. His primary area of focus is tightening integration with jBoss AS and binding the web server with native libraries (APR) for drastic speed improvements. He is also one of main contributors to »tomcat connector«. His life story started with work on local and smaller project but soon became a contributor to Apache project. After that he was quickly noticed by jBoss and is now working for RedHat. He's a regular speaker at jBoss world conferences, among others in Las Vegas, Berlin and Orlando. You can follow his blog on jboss' blog site.

Dominik Roblek

Google Inc.
Dominik had quite an interesting career path. He started out in Slovenia working for a local software development company Marand. Afterwards he moved to Ireland to do a distributed systems masters at Trinity College (Dublin). After that he went working for IBM, and finally wound up at Google. He'll be speaking about distributed computing at Google (technologies like MapReduce, Bigtable, GFS, Chubby). Most of these technologies are available as open-source equivalents in Java. His areas of expertise include distributed computing and semantic web. He often contributes to articles published in specialist literature (see: knowledge-based networking).

Marko Štrukelj

Parsek Ltd.
One of the greatests minds working for Parsek is defenetly Marko. He'se been Parsek's employeee since the very beginning and is one of the most responsable people for the development of Parsek's flag-ship products CP2. The technology and the idea behind CP2's shell it was so interesting that it was featured on the JavaOne conference Intriguing and Unexpected: New & Cool category. Lately Marko has been tightly working with jBoss technologies and focusing on the Seam Framework. In his free time he helps developing Jboss Microcontainer, epecialy on Jboss VFS module.

Žiga Hajduković

Razum Ltd.
Žiga is co-founder of Razum, where he and an a team of expert engineers are researching and developing modern technologies and designing scalable multi-tier information systems. He knows something about mobile game development and is happy to design and create interactive experimental projects, like Tetris1d and Twinoo.

Boštjan Dolenc

Marand Ltd.
Boštjan is technical consultant at Marand. He was involved in development of several Java applications in telecommunication and healthcare, including JEE as well as "plain old java". He also provides technical support for customer for Oracle WebLogic products. He was a speaker at several slovenian IT conferences, including DSI, IBM Forum and OTS.

Domen Grabec

Zemanta Ltd.
Domen, while still studying, started his path in Hermes Softlab, where among other things developed J2EE applications and worked mentor as a mentor in Hermes J2EE summer school. He was also part of the group that won the Imagine Cup competition in Slovenia. Now he's employed at Zemanta and working in different areas, Solr library being one of them.

Wieslaw Pilarczyk

Vdel Ltd.
Wieslaw is an old veteran actively participating in the development of the software industry almost from the beginning. He was creating operating systems, language compilers, system software and also an application server. In the hope to get software under control using magic formulas he was researching the mathematical foundations of informatics, but just the opposite was proven. He was working with mainframes and UNIX, OS/2 and Windows, MS and Java technologies. He was participating in different projects all over Europe. He was teaching and consulting. Now he has a mission to fulfill and it is to tell the fellow programmers which subjects are most important in their work and it revolves around SOA and BPM.

Programming committee

Special thanks goes to Aleš Justin as the head of programming committee. Other member of the comette include Tomaž Cerar and Bojan Čekrlić.

Aleš Justin

RedHat Ltd.

Tomaž Cerar

Parsek Ltd.

Bojan Čekrlić

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