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In 2010 the organizers of the conference established a society to help promote OpenBlend (particularly Java) as an open source community in Slovenia. The main annual event will be the  OpenBlend Conference but otherwise the Association will live actively throughout the year with a number of smaller events.

In Slovenia there are many companies and individuals who use Java Technology in a professional and amateur with capacity. However, the Java community is very small compared to more communities based on pervasive technologies such as Ruby on Rails and Python.

We believe that the Java ecosystem still offers the most powerful range of tools and libraries for the manufacture of server applications and also new applications for mobile devices (Android). The negative side is that the Java ecosystem is enormous, so that even in theory it is not possible that everyone knows and has practical experience with all the useful tools that exist. The lack of stronger communities means that locally there is no real debate between the designers of IT solutions on competing approaches to the use of Java technologies. A stronger Java community would help promote the use of good developer approaches, tools and promising novelties in the Java world today.

Our mission is to address the souls of young developers before they succumb to the temptation of inferior platforms. A stronger Java community would more effectively demonstrated how even when novices use the latest Java technologies, they can create effective solutions within a short time and with little effort.

Our Society is a nonprofit organization that is funded through sponsorship. Membership is free, we literally just a bunch of Java fans, who with open arms invite other fans. Join us, attend our events, share your knowledge and experience with others.


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